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Features and Benefits of Technicuff Products

Technicuff’s exclusive expanded useable ranges eliminate the "Goldilocks Syndrome" of rarely having the correct size BP cuff, being forced to use a too small or too large cuff on your patient.

  • Technicuff's utilization of a 360 degree sensing system coupled to a low friction nylon cover notably reduces the pinching, cutting and bruising routinely experienced with conventional BP cuffs.

Moisture that is trapped between the Technicuff BP cuff and patient’s limb is wicked to the edges of the BP cuff, reducing wetness and reducing the potential of moisture rash that is commonly experienced with conventional non-permeable BP Cuffs.

  • Technicuff Blood Pressure Cuffs do away with the requirement of brachial artery indexing. Automatic brachial artery indexing eliminates errors frequently associated with incorrect indexing of conventional BP cuffs. How many times have you correctly indexed a conventional BP cuff only to return to find that it had slipped and was no longer accurately indexed?
  • Technicuff’s exclusive calibrated hook and loop closure system is designed so that the cuff can only be used on a correct patient arm circumference. Conventional BP cuffs allow you and your staff to improperly use a cuff that is too large or too small for the patient resulting in systemic pressure determination errors. Conventional companies require that you stock four (4) adult BP cuffs to cover the Adult range of 17 to 45 cm. Technicuff covers this entire range with one (1) UA-1745 blood pressure cuff transducer.
  • Technicuff’s patent pending cascading gives you a tool for monitoring bariatric patients. The unique transducer cuff design allows two (2) UA-1745 adult or two (2) UP-0925 pediatric BP cuff transducers to be cascaded, allowing monitoring of adult patients with arm circumferences of up to 90 cm or pediatric patients with arm circumferences up to 50 cm.
  • Technicuff BP cuff transducers will not allow incorrect pressure determination or patient injury when the BP cuff is wrapped inside out on a patient limb, a situation that is problematic with conventional BP cuffs.
  • Technicuff’s exclusive patient removal challenging system increases the difficulty for a confused patient to prematurely remove the BP cuff transducer while maintaining ease of removal by staff members. How many times have you placed a BP cuff on an isolated patient only to look back and find the cuff removed?
  • Technicuff is designed to take the abuse of inflation while off of a patient’s arm, a condition that renders conventional BP cuffs useless in as little as ten (10) inflations. How many times have you experienced this failure?
  • Technicuff’s TEC-connect system establishes facility wide standardization reducing BP cuff inventory requirement by up to 8 to 1 minimum. One (1) Technicuff BP Cuff will connect to all instruments in your facility.
  • Technicuff’s unique design allows your facility to launder the BP cuff between patients using the same policies and procedures your facility uses to wash your linens and gowns. The savings in costs and reduction of hazardous solid medical waste is significant even as your patients receive a high performance blood pressure cuff transducer rather than a minimally functional disposable cuff. Typical savings for a 100 bed hospital is over $24,000.00 annually, over 75% savings over disposable bp cuffs. Call for a free analysis of your facility.

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