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Technicuff Corporation is a Florida based blood pressure cuff research, specification development and manufacturing company doing business in healthcare and veterinary markets. Since incorporating in 1992, Technicuff has worked with companies including: GE Medical, Marquette Electronics, Spacelabs, Vitastat, Hewlett Packard, Zoll Medical, PhysioControl, Medical Research Laboratories, Invivo Research, Medical Data Electronics, Ivy Biomedical, VitaTek, Tektronix, Neomed, Smiths Medical Mindray, Surgivet, Philips Medical, SunTech Medical, Winegard, Fukuda Denshi, Nihon Kohden, Dynatech Nevada, BC Biomedical, Fluke Biomedical, Datrend Systems and Clinical Technologies.

Automated non-invasive blood pressure monitoring technology matured significantly since the introduction of the first clinically accepted automated oscillometric monitoring system by Dr. Maynard Ramsey of Applied Medical Research in 1977. By 1990, non invasive blood pressure monitoring systems were becoming widely accepted as a first line blood pressure determination technology for diagnosis and treatment of high acuity patients. All major monitoring companies were now rushing to market with oscillometric non-invasive blood pressure as a standard physiological parameter or at minimum, an option. Ironically, manufacturers continued to utilize the blood pressure cuff design introduced by Harvey Cushing to U.S. physicians in 1905 for determination of systemic pressures. Technicuff executive management understood the negative impact antiquated conventional blood pressure cuff technology had on oscillometric non-invasive pressure determination.

In 1991, an investigation of leading blood pressure cuff companies concluded that BP cuffs were designed using recommendations of the American Heart Association’s publication “Recommendations for Human Blood Pressure Determination by Sphygmomanometers, 1939. As luck would have it, monitoring companies racing to incorporate modern oscillometric non­invasive blood pressure technology were relying on BP cuff designs exclusively based on auscultatory blood pressure techniques.

It was clear that the BP cuff industry was unaware of the critical importance of design elements such as: patient compliance, indexing migration, bladder acoustics, transmission impedances, inflation/deflation rates, dampening, resonance, friction coefficient, and bladder compression, played on consistent systemic Oscillometric blood pressure determination. To add injury to insult, the BP cuff industry failed to take into consideration the fact that BP cuffs used on modern oscillometric blood pressure monitors were no longer being used intermittently pursuant to their design specifications. The reliability of BP cuffs that had previously been used for years, failed in days. Surveys of healthcare providers and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring manufacturers concluded the BP cuff was the most unreliable device.

Armed with this knowledge, funding was acquired to develop a high performance, technologically superior blood pressure cuff system that moved BP technology forward by a quantum leap. Technicuff was incorporated in 1992 and received its FDA 510K clearance in 1994.

Inconsistent with industry mindsets, Technicuff’s quest for blood pressure cuff transducer technology is perpetual with the realization that it will continue to deliver the highest quality of patient care, safety, product reliability and maximum value per dollar invested. In this light, leading monitoring manufacturers request Technicuff for their mission critical applications. Technicuff’s blood pressure cuff technology is saving healthcare providers while significantly improving compliance with local, state and federal mandates for hazardous waste reduction.


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