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Bariatric Hose Adapters


The TEC-CAS-A is a dual lumen adapter for cascading two (2) UA-1745 adult blood pressure cuff transducers or two (2) UP-0925 pediatric blood pressure cuff transducers.  The adapter was developed to extend the useable range of the UA-1745 to 90 cm and the UP-0925 to 50 cm for use with morbidly obese (bariatric) adult or pediatric patients. Cascading Technicuff blood pressure cuff transducers eliminates the need to use cuffs that are too wide for patients' arms that result in skewed non-invasive blood pressure determination. The TEC-CAS-A adaptor uses Technicuff’s “TEC-Connect" acoustical coupling design allowing facility standardization for reduction of BP cuff inventory requirements up to 50%. Technicuff’s eco-friendly cuff technology is economically and environmentally responsible, greatly assisting facility compliance with local, state and federal contaminated medical waste regulations. CAUTION: THIS DEVICE CAN ONLY BE USED WITH TECHNICUFF BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF TRANSDUCERS. ATTEMPTING TO USE THIS WITH CONVENTIONAL BLOOD PRESURE CUFFS WILL RESULT IN MISDIAGNOSIS OF MEASURED SYSTEMIC PRESSURES AND POSSIBLE MISDIAGNOSIS.


Machine Washable Adult BP Cuff Extender, 10cm


  • Extends the Universal UA-1745 Adult cuff by 10 cm
  • Comfortable nylon construction
  • Enhanced, state-of-the-art hook and loop

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